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Power REIT owns a diversified portfolio of high quality investments. Each of Power REIT's investments can be viewed as having a sustainable and positive impact on the environment. 


Our focus for acquisitions on Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) will not only benefit the environment compared to traditional farming, but have a positive impact on society as well. We are focused on greenhouse properties which consume approximately 70% less electricity than indoor growing by benefiting from "free" sunlight. In addition, our CEA facilities use approximately 90% less water than traditional outdoor growing. Growing in a CEA facility also eliminates the environmental impact of "runoff" and also eliminates the need for pesticides.

Our solar farm land serves as the home to over 107 MegaWatts of solar panels installed to provide clean power to the communities they serve. These solar panels produce over 50,000,000 kWh per annum which is sufficient to power approximately 4,600 homes (carbon free).

Our railroad property provides a low carbon means of transportation relative to traditional diesel trucks.

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