Power REIT is currently diversified into 3 industries: Controlled Environment Agriculture, Solar Farm Land, and Railroads.


Power REIT is actively seeking accretive acquisitions focused primarily on Controlled Environment Agriculture in the form of greenhouses for the cultivation of food and cannabis.

Controlled Environment Agriculture

Power REIT owns six CEA properties in southern Colorado and Maine with a total of approximately 131,000 square feet of greenhouse and processing space. The properties are leased to tenants that are licensed for the production of medical cannabis at the facilities. The properties are targeting expansion and Power REIT has the option to fund the capital costs related thereto. 

Power REIT's greenhouse properties are an environmentally friendly cultivation solution.

Solar Farm Land

Power REIT owns approximately 600 acres of land that is leased to over 107 MW of utility scale solar projects. Power REIT’s solar land investments provide highly predictable cash flow with its tenants having invested more than 20 times the cost of our land to build the solar project. In addition, the solar projects have long-term power purchase agreements with investment grade municipalities and/or regulated utilities.

On an annual basis the solar farms produce approximately 50,000,000 kWh of carbon free electricity which is enough to power approximately 4,600 homes.

Railroad Property

Power REIT’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Pittsburgh & West Virginia Railroad, owns railroad real-estate that is leased to Norfolk Southern Corporation for 99-years, with unlimited renewal options thereafter. The railroad consists of 112 miles of main line road extending from western Pennsylvania through West Virginia to eastern Ohio and approximately 20 miles of branch lines and other associated real estate. P&WV’s railroad real-estate is attractively situated in the Marcellus Shale area of natural gas development.

Power REIT (tickers: PW and PW.PRA) is a real-estate investment trust (REIT) that owns real estate related to Controlled Environment Agriculture (greenhouses), Renewable Energy and Transportation. Power REIT is actively seeking to expand its real estate portfolio related to Controlled Environment Agriculture for the cultivation of food and cannabis.

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