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Advantages of Working with Power REIT

Power REIT provides developers and owners of Controlled Environment Agriculture, Renewable Energy and Transportation assets with a unique, REIT-enabled financing solution that can be tailored to accomplish your financing and asset ownership goals. Power REIT can provide 100% of the capital needed for the real estate component of a given project on a non-dilutive basis. This can prove to be very attractive capital relative to traditional capital raises.

Monetize Existing Real Estate Assets

Power REIT can monetize real-estate embedded in infrastructure assets, through a sale-lease back (“SLB”) transaction or an UPREIT contribution-lease back transaction. The SLB and UPREIT transaction structures are well understood with hundreds of billions of dollars of completed transactions.

Long-Term Capital

Power REIT seeks to invest on a long-term basis, often providing capital that is co-terminus with the life of the underlying asset or leasehold interest. Power REIT often has significantly longer investment horizons than commercial banks and private equity funds.

Maintain Operational Control

Power REIT seeks passive ownership of real estate, while partnering with and relying on its owner-operator lessees to manage and operate leased assets. Our investment structures enable operators to maintain long-term operational control while retaining upside through active management.

Attractive Source of Expansion Capital

Power REIT’s real estate financing solutions can be used by owner operators to fund additional investments in existing infrastructure or to fund new infrastructure developments. Power REIT's non-dilutive capital structure can enhance equity to an project operator.

Contact Us

If you are an asset owner, developer, landowner or broker with a business opportunity, we welcome the opportunity to speak with you. Please call us or email us at the following:

Power REIT
301 Winding Road
Old Bethpage, NY 11804
(t) 212-750-0371

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